British Values in Art and Design

The Art & Design curriculum delivers British values through developing a fascination of learning about the world we live in, having a sense of enjoyment and participating in artistic and creative activities.

  • Art promotes tolerance in a variety of different ways. For example: exploring ideas, creative responses, analysing different cultural influences, considering different styles and religious iconography within art and design.
  • Pupils and students work with mutual respect for each other. They explore controversial issues but always maintain tolerance for the beliefs and opinions of others.
  • Art lessons allow pupils and students to discuss a wide variety of artists, designers and makers including key British art movements.
  • The Art Department encourages pupils and students to visit a range of galleries, exhibitions and museums.
  • Independent work is expected. Peer, self and teacher assessment supports and builds self-esteem through tasks, sharing ideas and resources, peer-assessment and encouraging students to support each other.

Examples of topics that promote British Values in Art

Year 7.  Pop Art, incorporating cultural and societal changes

Year 8.  1950s British Art at The Festival of Britain

KS4 GCSE: We promote individual liberty as we encourage pupils to be independent.

We look at a broad range of artists/designers and makers from a range of cultural backgrounds and experiences.

A level Art.  Essay topics that include: tolerance of different opinions, creative responses, controversial issues.