British Values in Music

Respect civil and criminal law

  • Focus on rewards to reinforce high expectations of behaviour and approach to study.
  • Students are taught how to be an appreciative and supportive audience who listen attentively whilst others perform.
  • We think about responsibilities of teenagers through the study of Rock and Roll looking at the historical and social context and why the song Rock Around The Clock was controversial in its day. - Appreciate viewpoints of others on ethical issues
  • We talk about the way women are represented in the Pop industry and consider whether all successful female artists are good role models for young women.
  • Look at injustice and deprivation in parts of the world such as India, Africa, the Caribbean and China as we study their cultures and Music.
  • Consider how the working class were treated during the Industrial revolution and the different life experiences of rich and poor people in the 19th Century and now.
  • We look at Modern art music and ask whether it is still elitist.
  • Btec students study the issues associated with copyright law.

Acceptance and engagement with fundamental British values of democracy

  • At the end of each project students review their learning
  • Students work in groups and learn to cooperate, listen to other viewpoints and persuade others accepting differing points of view.
  • Students in choir and wind band are encouraged to make suggestions about repertoire.
  • Strong element of student voice in extra-curricular and enrichment programmes.
  • Student leadership of the jazz band allows the student voice to be shared

  • Older students take a leading role in the school production acting as assistant directors, stage managers, choreographers etc.

Contribute positively to life in Modern Britain

  • All students are encouraged to join in with extra-curricular activities.
  • Students perform at presentation evening and other school events
  • Students perform regularly at community events outside of school such as The Stevenage Festival and at our feeder primary schools
  • Students support worship through musical participation in Mass and assemblies
  • Study the music of Vaughan Williams, George Butterworth, Holst, folksongs, Benjamin Britten, Tippet, Mike Oldfield, The Beatles, Queen, Norah Jones,  David Bowie, Johnny Dankworth and Cleo Lane, Andrew Lloyd Webber