British Values in Religious Education

British values are predominantly evident throughout Religious Education in the context of Catholic Social Teaching, which underpins our Christian values.  The value of all pupils and staff, 'created in the image and likeness of God', underpins the way we form relationships in RE.  British values permeate the learning environment as we strive to foster values of respect, tolerance and understanding where people might be different.  Through the Christian value of forgiveness and by modelling ourselves on Christ himself, British values cannot be divorced from the love that we have for one another. In Religious Education pupils are encouraged to develop their skills of reflection and evaluation where the views of others are considered and valued.  Sources of wisdom are used to demonstrate the importance of authority and, whilst predominantly Catholic teaching is explored, the study of other world religions is compared and contrasted to enable pupils and students to engage and contribute positively and respectfully in the wider world.

Examples of how British Values are developed in Religious Education:

  • An understanding of the rule of law through the study of creation and stewardship, as well as the relationship between the Ten Commandments and the law of the land in Key Stage 3, the study of ‘Britain Today’ in Key Stage 5 Core RE and Secularisation in A Level Christianity
  • An understanding of democracy in relation to Religious Ethics at Key Stage 5 A Level
  • An understanding of mutual respect through the study of creation in Year 8, exploring this from a number of faith perspectives, opportunities for comparative religious studies throughout Years 7 and 8, and the introduction to the study of Judaism in Year 9.  In Year 11 Marriage is explored as part of the GCSE course and a variety of themes within the Core RE content foster this value of respect
  • An understanding of religious freedom and pluralism through the study of different world religions at all Key Stages, including Core RE and specifically Judaism at GCSE
  • An understanding of identifying and combatting discrimination through the study of Old Testament revelation in Key Stage 3, the Judaism content at GCSE and the themes within Core RE
  • An understanding of individual liberty throughout the two year Core RE course, with specific reference to NRMs and cults and extremism