Why should you participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at The John Henry Newman School ?

A D of E programme is a real adventure from beginning to end.  Every section gives you something different that’s the fun of it! You’ll enjoy loads of new experiences, discover talents you never thought you had, challenge yourself loads.  Plus you’ll do things you love and get a kick out of.  It’s a real buzz!

Then there’s all the other stuff…

…achieving an Award will give you skills, confidence and a view on life that everyone is looking for, from employers to colleges and universities.

...you’re getting recognised for doing things you want to do and may even be doing already.

...you’ll make a difference to other people’s lives and your community, be fitter and healthier, make new friends and have memories to last you a lifetime.

You achieve your Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections - Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition. These sections can be full of activities and projects that get you buzzing, and along the way you’ll pick up experiences that you won’t forget.

If you are in year 10 or above and would like some more information regarding the award or would like to take part in this years bronze or silver award please see Miss Drackford.