British Values in Geography

British Values are integral to the teaching of Geography at the John Henry Newman School.  We aim to help our students develop their awareness of the physical and human world and in doing so to enable them to appreciate their position in a global context.  Within this we focus many aspects of teaching on the UK and allow pupils and students the opportunity to explore what it means to hold British Values.

Examples of topics that promote British Values in Geography (covered in differing levels of depth and detail across Key Stage 3, 4 and 5).

Respect civil and criminal law

The EU and the role it plays in the UK.  For example: influencing industrial location, urban regeneration, trade tariffs, regulation and legislation.

Appreciate viewpoints of others on ethical issues

Development.  For example, exploring why some countries are more developed than others including historical factors such as colonialisation.

Trade.  For example: the influence of core and periphery countries in understanding the balance of power in global trade, should we work to make trade fairer?

Climate change.  For example: understanding the impact that High Income Countries like the UK have on the environment, the impact of different approaches to energy and transport.

Acceptance and engagement with British Values of democracy

The role of democracy.  For example: how the UK is shaping policies relating to migration and border controls, the position of the UK in the EU.

Contrasting different political systems with the UK.  For example: population policies in China, development strategies in Dubai, energy and geopolitics in the EU, Russia and the former USSR.