Leadership Group

Headteacher   Mr C Mathew headspa@jhn.herts.sch.uk
Director of School Leadership & Management    Mr C Anderson andersonc@jhn.herts.sch.uk
Deputy Headteacher Pastoral Ms P Cusack cusackp@jhn.herts.sch.uk
Deputy Headteacher Teaching & Learning Mr P Rose rosep@jhn.herts.sch.uk
Assistant Headteacher Timetable, Assessment Ms N Brady bradyn@jhn.herts.sch.uk
Assistant Headteacher Director of Learning Support and Inclusions Mrs R Davies daviesr@jhn.herts.sch.uk
Assistant Headteacher   Mr J Hewitson hewitsonj@jhn.herts.sch.uk
Assistant Headteacher Director of Sixth Form Learning Mrs W Howard howardw@jhn.herts.sch.uk
Assistant Headteacher Teaching & Learning Mrs A Ramsey ramseya@jhn.herts.sch.uk
Assistant Headteacher Director of Learning Upper School Miss J Scouller scoullerj@jhn.herts.sch.uk
Assistant Headteacher Curriculum & Timetable Mr C Tucker tuckerc@jhn.herts.sch.uk
  Director of Learning Lower School Mr M Wright wrightm@jhn.herts.sch.uk
Business Manager Finance Mrs V Culpin culpinv@jhn.herts.sch.uk

Learning Co-ordinators

 Year 7  Mrs J Shephard shephardj@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Year 8  Mr N Barry barryn@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Year 9  Mrs J Broom broomj@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Year 10  Miss H Doran doranh@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Year 11  Mrs S Ince inces@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Sixth Form  Mrs W Howard howardw@jhn.herts.sch.uk 
Please click here for general contact information & details of form tutors.

Subject Leaders

 Art  Mrs L Borrington borringtonl@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Business & Computing  Mr K Flain flaink@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Biology  Mr M O'Connell oconnellm@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Chemistry  Mrs N Oligboh oligbohn@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Child Development/Health & Social Care  Mrs A Taylor taylora@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Design Technology  Mrs S Gallagher gallaghers@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Drama/Performing Arts  Mr I Mayhew mayhewi@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Economics  Mr C Tucker tuckerc@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 English  Mrs J Crump crumpj@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Geography/Travel & Tourism  Miss A Routledge routledgea@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 History & Politics  Mrs L Naylor naylorl@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Learning Support  Mrs R Davies daviesr@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Maths  Mr K Thompson thompsonk@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Modern Foreign Languages  Miss D Downing downingd1@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Music  Miss C Hewitson hewitsonc@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Physical Education  Mrs J Tembey tembeyj@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Physics  Miss J Moles molesj@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Psychology  Miss L Hunter  hunterl@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Religious Education  Mrs A Berwick berwicka@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Science  Mrs E Abrey abreye@jhn.herts.sch.uk
 Social Sciences  Mrs J Younger youngerj@jhn.herts.sch.uk