British Values in Modern Foreign Languages

People, their relationships and their interactions with others are an intrinsic part of what we teach in MFL. By its very nature, our subject enables pupils and students to become more aware of key British values and the British identity (vs the one of the Target Language country) and teachers promote these values throughout the year by modelling respect and tolerance as well as via discussing key issues / traditions and customs across the Key stages.

Mutual respect

  • Teachers model the respectful behaviour they expect from students and they are rewarded or sanctioned accordingly.

  • MFL lessons are conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect where students listen and comment on each other’s work, highlighting successes and offering ideas on how to improve.

  • Students learn about the different traditions in the TL country such as foods, music and festivals.

  • We look at school life and how it differs from the system in the UK, looking at the pros and cons to both countries

  • Students learn about how different countries celebrate important dates such as Christmas and Easter

  • Films and music from the TL are used in lessons in all key stages and examined in more detail at KS5

  • Students have been part of discussions and interschool exchanges during which they have actively demonstrated what these mean. We aspire to promote these values and increase the students’ knowledge of the importance of mutual respect – in school, our local community, nationally and in the wider world.

  • There are units in the KS4 and KS5 curriculum that focus on the effects on marginalisation which arises when mutual respect and tolerance does not exist and our students deepen their understanding of the very serious consequences of this. At KS5 students study La Haine, a film by Matthieu Kassovitz, which encourages our students to consider what happens when the second generation immigrant population feels unjustly marginalised and neglected.

Acceptance and tolerance

  • Our KS5 curriculum enables us to discuss and compare the different views / social debates / legal positions & rules in England vs target language countries. We also encourage students to discover, discuss and debate unfamiliar lifestyles, global events, political issues, problems and changes in our KS5 curriculum.

  • As a department we are constantly striving to break down stereotypical views of different cultures and historical prejudices. This ensures that they remain open to the world around them and have a better grasp of the links and connections between countries and societies. This in turn emphasises the need for tolerance and justice, and through their studies, our students come to value the rule of law and democratic systems

  • Across the key stages we study topics relating to tolerance including the study of La Haine at A-Level. There are also units within the KS4 and KS5 curriculum that focus on celebrations and customs of other faiths in the countries where the language being taught is spoken. Across all units, students are often encouraged to develop and reflect upon their own thoughts and beliefs. Within this we create a safe space for students to share these ideas with their peers.

  • Our MFL exchanges and overseas trips have also allowed our students to witness first hand other faiths and cultures. 

Contribute positively to life in Modern Britain

  • The group and pair work in the classroom which is a prominent feature of our lessons, promotes close cooperation, healthy debate and respect for others’ views; all key attributes to be a confident citizen in today’s Britain.