Respect civil and criminal law

In the PE department we encourage moral thinking; we make the students aware of physical, mental, social and moral choices with regards to taking part, teamwork and competition. We celebrate successes and reward positive behaviour through competitions, rewards and we also send home congratulations postcards. We celebrate success also by hosting an annual Sports Awards evening to share these personal achievements and team success.

Appreciate the viewpoints of others on ethical issues.

In PE lessons and in clubs we promote and encourage individual expression of the ethnic and cultural values of all students. We encourage and research the discussion of ethical issues through sport at GCSE & A Level in theory work.

Acceptance and engagement with fundamental British values of democracy

Students are all members of class and club teams through all key stages which encourages them to work collaboratively and fairly with each other. The picking and selecting of teams is completed in a way in which students can feel part of group to achieve. Inter form competitions and events such as sports day allows students to work in a community encouraging core British values in society.


Projects contribute positively to life in Modern Britain

 Clubs links, extra-curricular events and sports tours all enhance the positive modern British Life and allows students to experience the life styles of others from around the world. Competition is an important part of the extra-curricular programmes at JHN following on from the Olympics and other worldwide sporting events we are always trying to promote involvement in fixtures, health and fitness and general wellbeing. These all contribute to positive life in modern Britain.