We are very proud of the many achievements of individual athletes, teams and sports leaders each year along with the excellent participation rates in all year groups.

The department benefits from outstanding facilities, which include a multi-purpose sports hall and gymnasium, a substantial sports fields that encompass 2 football pitches, a 400m track, cricket nets and astro-turf.  We also benefit from having 5 netball courts/5 tennis courts outside.  Our departmental ethos is based upon a philosophy of ‘Sport for All’ and we offer a wide variety of opportunities at all levels, from first team excellence to recreational clubs.  Our Physical Education programmes for each year group promotes a positive attitude towards active, healthy lifestyles & promotes high participation levels.  Our Leadership Awards programme is thriving throughout the whole school with a clear focus on developing pupils’ leadership skills in a range of activities.  Pupils formally develop their leadership skills in a unit devoted to this in Year 9 which is followed in Year 10 with the opportunity to take the Sports Leaders Level One Award.  In Year 11, Leaders Awards exist in football, netball and dance which have given our pupils the opportunity to work closely with our feeder primary schools.


Pupils participate in a variety of different activities. Skills, Tactics, Problem Solving, Leadership, Observation and Analysis skills are developed through each activity throughout Key Stage 3.  The Key Stage 3 curriculum offers athletics, dance, gymnastics, fitness and a number of game based activities which are taught in single gender, set groups.

Steps of Progress

Please click here to see steps of progress for KS3 Physical Education


Pupils following the examination PE option at Key Stage 4 work towards the AQA GCSE PE (8582) course or Pearson Btec qualification. All pupils participate in core Physical Education at Key Stage 4 aiming to allow pupils the opportunity to work both as individuals and in groups.  There is a focus on pupils taking a more prominent role within lessons and leadership opportunities thrive in both year 10 and year 11.  The following activities are available:

Body conditioning, trampolining, Sports Leaders Level One (Y10), Dance Leaders, Football Leaders, Netball Leaders as well as a number of games based activities.

Course Link; http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/physical-education/gcse/physical-education-8582


Students are offered the opportunity to follow the OCR A level course in PE (H555).  During the course, they are expected to deepen their knowledge and skills of selected activities and to analyse and evaluate effectively in order to improve performance.  In addition, they will develop an appreciation of the social, moral and cultural issues which affect participation and performance in physical activity.

Course Link: http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/as-a-level-gce-physical-education-h155-h555-from-2016/

We also offer at Key stage 5 a BTEC subsidiary diploma in sport.  This course covers many of the elements of the A level course whilst adding in information about management and risk assessment.  This is currently running in year 12 and 13 and is proving to be a very popular course.


The PE Department organises an extensive schedule of fixtures.  There are also many Inter Form competitions and opportunities for leadership skills for students from all year groups to be put into practice, including organising competitions, officiating matches, leading and coaching groups of students from JHN or from local Primary Schools.  For a full programme of the current term's fixtures please see the school website.

Annual sporting events include;

  • Sports Day
  • Ski Trip
  • Gym & Dance Display