Students study the reformed Politics course at A level with Edexcel (9PLO).

They study two papers on British politics, one of which concentrates on the ways people participate in British politics, e.g. parties, elections and voting behaviour (9POL/01). The other paper looks at the role and effectiveness of key institutions of government; the prime minister, cabinet, parliament and the relationships between the different branches of government (9POL/02). In addition students will study a range of political ideologies, including conservatism, socialism and feminism.

The third module looks at comparative politics. Students learn how the American political system operates and will consider how the British and American systems of government compare.

The course is very contemporary and includes a lot of debate. Students are encouraged to participate fully in current affairs

Course Link: http://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-a-levels/politics-2017


The department offers a wide variety of enrichment opportunities at Key Stage 5, students are offered the opportunity to visit Russia on a six day residential trip to enhance their studies and understanding of the culture.   Politics students also visit Parliament for a tour and workshop and attend revision conferences in London.