We work very hard to ensure that our partnership with parents supports the pupils and students of our community.  If you are aware of any factor that will cause your child to be late or absent from school, even for just part of a day, please inform our Attendance Officer, Mrs Saunders.

Telephone: 01438 791982


If your son/daughter is going to be absent due to illness please telephone the school absence line on each day of absence.  On their return to school, pupils should bring a letter confirming their reason for absence.

Medical/Dental Appointments

We would also appreciate it if you would telephone the absence number if you son or daughter is going to be late due to a medical / dental appointment or if they need to leave early for an appointment.  Pupils and students are required to sign in at Reception on their return to school.

Late Books are kept at the Pupil Entrance until 9.15 and are then moved to Student Services.

Attendance Text Messages

If your son or daughter is not present at morning registration and we are not aware of a known reason for absence, we will contact you via text message.  Should you receive a message from us, please contact the school at your earliest convenience.

Contact between you and your child

If you need to contact your child urgently during the day please telephone reception and the School will help.

If your child needs to contact you urgently they will be able to use the telephone in the School Office.

Pupils may not use their mobile phones at all during the school day.