Contact The School

Headteacher  Mr C Mathew 
School name  The John Henry Newman Catholic School 
Address  Hitchin Road
  SG1 4AE
Main Phone Number         01438 314643
Fax Number 01438 747882
Attendance Phone Number (Years 7-11)  01438 791982

If you require a paper copy of anything on the school website, please contact the main school office. Mrs A Radford is the Office Manager and would be happy to help.

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Contact Staff:

Our morning receptionist is Mrs K Whitcher and our afternoon receptionist is Mrs J Laurence.

Please see here for a list of staff email addresses.

Key Contacts

Year 7-11 Attendance Mrs M Saunders
Sixth Form Attendance Mrs M Adams
Headteachers PA Ms J Heasman
Main Office Mrs A Radford
Finance Mrs E Vaton

Learning Co-ordinators

Year 7 Mrs J Shephard
Year 8 Mrs J Broom
Year 9 Miss H Doran
Year 10 Mrs S Ince
Year 11 Mrs A Carrick
Sixth Form Mrs W Howard

Pastoral Teams

Year 7 

 J Side  7AK Miss A Kitson    N Side  7ABR Miss A Brown
   7BK Mrs B King      7NB Mrs N Bradshaw
   7LHU Miss L Hunter      7JFL Mrs J Flint
   7DSA Mrs D Sale      7GL Mr G Losty

 Year 8

 J Side  8JHE Ms J Heasman    N Side  8ABT Miss A Lewis-Bennett
   8PMC Mrs P McLoughlin      8NP Mr N Pitman
   8ST Mrs S Taylor      8DST Mr D Stevenson
   8MWO Miss M Woodmansey      8AW Mrs A Whiting

 Year 9

 J Side  9SE Mr S Eck    N Side  9TG Mr T Graham
   9NL Miss N Lundy      9DM Mr D Mansfield
   9LM Mr Medina      9HW Mr R Grimes
   9KTP Mrs K Taylor-Pendlebury      9MWY Mr M Wyman

 Year 10

J Side  10JA Miss E Morgan    N Side  10AB Mr A Braithwaite
   10LBN Mrs L Borrington      10AMF Miss A Fernandes
   10SH Mrs S Hayward      10CH Miss C Hewitson
   10IM Mr I Mayhew      10CM Mrs C Murphy

 Year 11

 J Side  11RG Mr R Gilley    N Side 11RB Miss R Buscombe
   11LH Miss L Healy     11CC Mr C Crafter
   11JK Miss J Kitson     11CHY Mr C Heley
   11KT Mr K Thompson     11JT Mrs J Tembey

 Year 12

   12SB Mr K Flain      12AIB Mrs A Ibironke
   12ABA Mrs A Bailiss/Mr J Latham      12TMD Mrs T MacDonald
   12SCI Mr S Cipolla      12MN Mr M Nash
   12DDO Miss D Downing      12DS Mr D Sansom

 Year 13

   13PCR Mr P Cooper      13MOC Mr M O'Connell
   13DF Mr D Fisher/Mr P Wright      13NO Mrs N Oligboh
   13CF Ms C Forde      13LT Miss L Timpson
   13RF Mrs R Fuller      13BW Mr B Willis
   13SG Mrs S Gallagher        

Subject Leaders

 Art Mrs L Borrington
 Business & Computing Mr K Flain
 Biology Mr M O'Connell
 Chemistry Mrs N Oligboh
 Child Development/Health & Social  Care      Mrs A Taylor
 Dance Miss H Gordine
 Design Technology Mrs S Gallagher
 Drama/Performing Arts Mr I Mayhew
 Economics Mr C Tucker
 English Miss J Kitson
 Geography/Travel & Tourism Mr P Ironmonger
 History & Politics Mrs L Naylor
 Learning Support Mrs R Davies
 Maths Mr K Thompson
 Modern Foreign Languages Miss D Downing
 Music Miss C Hewitson
 Physical Education Mrs J Tembey
 Physics Miss J Moles
 Psychology Miss L Hunter
 Religious Education Mrs A Bailiss
 Science Mrs E Abrey
 Social Sciences Mrs J Younger