Our school enjoys a varied and lively prayer life in which all pupils, students and staff are encouraged and welcome to participate. 


Each year group in the school has its own chaplaincy team, or ‘C Team’ which is comprised of pupils from that year group. The chaplaincy teams meet together regularly to plan events for that year group, to take part in charity events or community outreach, to pray together and to enjoy each other’s company. The 6th form C Team takes wider responsibility for the spiritual life of the school community and works closely with the lay chaplain to plan whole school liturgies and events.


Masses and prayer services are celebrated to mark key events in the liturgical year as well as marking prominent events in the life of the school. The C Teams play a pivotal role in planning and leading these services and developing them into prayerful, memorable occasions for the school community. 


Pupils are also offered an opportunity for daily worship through form prayer, as well as having the opportunity to celebrate Mass together either as a year group or a form group. There is also a voluntary lunch time Mass each Friday which is open to all pupils and staff. 


Opportunities are also available for pupils to develop their faith outside of the school environment through taking part in pilgrimages to Lourdes and the Holy Land or by taking part in more local events.