Contextual Information for Higher Educational Providers

COVID 19 implications for current Year 13 cohort 

Wednesday 18th March 2020 - Friday 20th March -  Year 12 were kept at home, due to large numbers of staff isolating. Online learning was provided.  

Monday 23rd March – School closed due to Government guidelines. Students were set work via our learning platforms, and some live lessons took place.  

Monday 22nd June – Thursday 16th July – Year 12 students invited to attend lessons in school, once a fortnight for each subject. Approximately three quarters of students attended these lessons.  

Monday 7th September – The school reopened fully for all students. 

Friday 11th September – Thursday 24th September – Year 12 and 13 bubbles provided online lessons, following a positive Covid-19 test in the Sixth Form bubble. Public Health England advised students to isolate at home for this period.  

Monday 5th October – The whole school closed for one day following 2 positive cases reported at 8am in the morning.  

No formal assessments in controlled conditions were able to take place during the lock down period.