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Our School Parliament plays an active role in shaping our community.  The Parliament itself was formed in 2017 and comprises of 151 members drawn from across every year group.  Each MP serves on one of eight committees, ensuring that our school's most valuable resource, the voice of the pupils and students themselves, is heard in every aspect of school life. The School Parliament is entirely student led, but is facilitated by Mrs Fuller. 

Each MP has chosen the committee on which they serve.  These include Charity Action and Catholic Life, Learning, Communications, Learning Support, Health & Wellbeing. Community & Events, Eco and Environment, ICT & Technology and Student Facilities.  The committees have met to ascertain what the current state of play is with their brief, and are empowered to research and make recommendations to the full Parliament and to the Headteacher.  The Parliament is a very vibrant community and they work on a wide range of challenging projects.



Recent feedback from pupils serving on the Parliament said:

  • 'Its much more involved than I expected in a good way!'
  • 'I was positively surprised about how open Mr Mathew was about the school'
  • 'I was very surprised to know that our thoughts are really important to the Head'
  • 'The structure of the meetings is good'

Although the Parliament has replaced the previous vehicle of the school voice, the School Council, previous highlights of their work has included representing the School at the Papal Visit and meeting with members of the Governing Body to help with our School review.  Past successes have included:

  • changes to the School uniform to include a jumper and scarf
  • more water fountains, litter bins, picnic tables and outdoor seating areas around the school
  • improving recycling throughout the school