Inspection Reports & Commendations

Inspection reports

Inspection Reports 

We are delighted that both Ofsted and the Diocesan Inspectors chose to highlight pupils’ positive attitudes to learning, the excellent quality of our pastoral care, the depth of our enrichment activities and the progress pupils make in terms of academic standards and we continue to make these areas our focus for ongoing improvement and further development.

We are proud of our achievements, and more importantly, of the pupils and students who make this community so vibrant, energetic and enjoyable for all. 

Ofsted said:

‘John Henry Newman is an  outstanding school’  Outstanding teaching ensures that pupils and students gain exceptionally high results in GCSE, AS and A Level examinations

The quality of teaching and learning is outstanding’.  The School is very effective in meeting its aim to provide an educational experience of the highest quality.  As one Sixth Form student said ‘ there was no doubt in my mind about choosing the Sixth Form, I feel at home in the school and there are no regrets in my choice’

‘The quality of care, guidance and support is outstanding’   In the words of one Year 10 pupil ‘the school really tries to make a difference…. there is a strong sense of trust between pupils and staff’

‘Pupils personal development is outstanding’  Pupils feel safe at school; there is a great sense of community and pupils are very highly motivated by the will to learn.

Ofsted report 2018
Section 48 Diocesan Inspection Report 

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