In the Pavilion we have two studios, one which is a shared space for all creative arts, the other is designed specifically for dance with a sprung floor, air conditioning & purpose designed & built ballet bars alongside some mirrored walls.

We have a dedicated sound room which assists productions in both Drama and Dance. The studios are light and airy giving a feeling of space.


Opportunities exist for Sixth Form Dance students to make a major contribution to the training and choreography of Dance in the school’s annual productions, liturgical and public events.  Every December the Dance department put on a Gym and Dance display to the General public which always generates lots of interest and gives all students in the school an opportunity to present different disciplines of dance from different cultures. There is also the opportunity to take part in the biennial festival at the Gordon Craig Theatre and attend local and national dance and musical shows.


All dance in Key Stage 3 is taught in PE lessons. Year 7 and 8 pupils learn a variety of styles of dance including salsa and Lindy Hop whilst year 9 pupils focus on choreography and motif development.

Steps of Progress


This year there is an exciting new syllabus for GCSE which will be broken down into 60% practical and 40% theory. Pupils will study an anthology of six dance works with many genres and styles, this will encourage pupils to perform and choreograph in their own style. Students will acquire a wealth of knowledge on how to choreograph showing their expertise on both technical and expressive skills. View AQA Course Information 


This year sees a new AS level in Dance. This course is both inspiring and full of a wealth of facts to learn and use in students own choreography. Performance is key to this A Level, it will raise confidence and will require excellent technique. Famous choreographers and their works will be researched before choosing the study area that they will work with. This course is for those who love performing and have an interest in working independently to gain knowledge on all types of dance, investigating many forms of stimuli to produce exciting pieces for performance.    

View AQA Course Information