Year 10 Mock Examinations - Thursday 25th April - Wednesday 8th May

Below is a copy of the mock GCSE timetable for Year 10 pupils.  Their exams run between Thursday 25th April and Wednesday 8th May.  Personalised timetables have been issued and study leave is not given for mock exams, so pupils are expected in school regardless of whether or not they have an exam.  

Below is also a copy of the exams handbook. There is a lot of detailed information there,which will help you understand the process.  Please ensure you have the correct equipment for each exam and that it is in a clear plastic pencil case or even a clear sandwich bag.  As a minimum you should have two black pens, a pencil, ruler, rubber, a calculator (for Maths and all Science exams), and compass and protractor for Maths exams.

Year 10 Mock Timetable.pdf

Year 10 Mock Exam Handbook 201819.pdf