Non Uniform Day in aid of Herts Young Homeless

This Friday 11th October is a non uniform day in aid of Herts Young Homeless. Suggested donations of £2 should be given by pupils and students during form time.

Following feedback from parents, we are happy to offer the following guidance for Dress Down Days.  All pupils and students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for attending school.

We do not want pupils/students to wear, for example: crop tops; very low cut tops; above the knee shorts or very short skirts.  Nor do we expect pupils/students to wear torn jeans or tops with slogans that could be considered offensive.  Headwear of any kind is not to be worn indoors.  Face piercings are also not appropriate for school and, of course, underwear should not be on display.

For Health and Safety reasons backless shoes and very high heeled shoes are not to be worn.  Large dangly earrings, including hoops, and excessive jewellery are also not permitted.

Please also remind your child to remember their locker keys, bus tickets and catering fobs.

Thank you for your support.