Letters for all Year Groups

Letter 7 – Thursday, 19th March 2020  
Dear Parents and Guardians, 
I will write to you again later today and I direct you to a letter from Mr Anderson, which relates to the provision we will organise for Key workers and children with an EHCP. 
I have attached a letter that has been prepared for this day along with three other letters which are year group appropriate.  Please choose the one that is relevant to you.  These provide advice and guidance on how to work remotely during this period of time.  I hope that these letters, along with the advice that we issued for parents yesterday, will be helpful. 
As you can image there is a great deal of work being undertaken today, in very uncertain circumstances.  I can advise you that I have a further six staff absent today, including members of my leadership team, and as a result the logistics of running such a large school are proving difficult. 
As a result of these difficulties we will be following our usual protocols for the end an academic term, and will finish tomorrow at 12:25 p.m. as we would normally.  I believe that this would be wise, as it will ensure that the roads and streets will be less busy than at the end of the school day; when every school will be releasing their pupils and students. 
I will write to you again later today, once a number of important decisions have been made, and greater clarity from the Prime Minister has been received.   
My thanks for your continued support and prayers. 
God Bless 
Mr Mathew – Headteacher. 

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