Home to school transport on public buses for September 2020

We have been working with the local authority and the providers of public buses to ensure students can travel to and from school safely.  The following measures have been put in place but these will be reviewed on a daily basis by the local authority, bus companies and ourselves and amendments may be made.  These changes and confirmed times are not yet on the bus timetable websites but should be soon.

  • All the public buses will be returning to their pre-Covid timetables.
  • The staggered finish time to the school day will mean that there will be less students trying to use each bus.
  • On the very popular routes, there will be additional school dedicated buses.  On these ‘S’ buses, students are not required to social distance (as there will only be students from our school) but they will need to sit in ascending year groups - front to back, youngest to oldest and wear facemasks.
  • The school dedicated services will pick up and drop off students at the Hitchin Road bus stop outside the school.
  • School dedicated service bus will cover the following routes:
    • 55 in the morning and at 2.54pm
    • 100 in the morning
    • 101 in the morning
    • 100/101 at 2.54pm
    • 301 in the morning
    • 856 – This will become an ‘S’ bus, so social distancing will not be required.  This will leave school at 3.15.  Students finishing school at 2.30 will be able to stay in their year group area and complete homework.
  • The local authority and Centrebus are currently working to provide extra buses for the 390, but this has yet to be confirmed.
  • The school will collect information from the students so that we have a list of those who regularly use the school dedicated buses (S numbered buses).  This means we will have more knowledge about the close contacts of each student.

The following link is the official guidance from Hertfordshire for students and parents to understand how to travel safely on public buses.  There is also a link to a journey planner and timetables (though be aware that the new S numbered buses are not yet showing on the timetable).

If you have any further questions please email Mrs Ramsey