Year 11 Mock GCSE Exams Information

During mock GCSE fortnight, the first exam of every day will be starting at 8.50 am.  This means that we need pupils lining up from about 8.40 am, which means that we need to register them slightly earlier during this period – at 8.30 am instead of 8.35 am.  Please would you do your very best to ensure that your son/daughter is in school in plenty of time to be in his/her form room by 8.30 am for registration.

Many thanks for your support with this.

Please find below the mock GCSE exam timetable.  Pupils are not allowed study leave, but will be able to revise in lessons whenever they don’t have an exam; this means that pupils should bring in study/revision materials for those times.  It is a very packed timetable, and this will be a tough fortnight for the pupils, so please give them all the support you can.

Year 11 Timetable November Mocks.pdf