The John Henry Newman School Parliament

Our School Parliament plays an active role in shaping our community.  In September, each form group elects two representatives.  Each year group then elects two representatives from this group to sit on the School Parliament.

Each representative reports on the current activities in their year group and any issue that has emerged from their Year Parliament meeting. In turn, recommendations by the School Parliament are reported back to Pastoral Leaders and students in each year.   Amongst the highlights of the Parliament’s work within the last year, pupils have represented the School at the Papal Visit and met with members of the Governing Body to help with our School review.  Past successes have included:

  • changes to the School uniform to include a jumper and scarf
  • more water fountains, litter bins, picnic tables and outdoor seating areas around the school
  • improving recycling throughout the school
This Year's School Parliament Representatives
Year 11

Hannah Wilson 

Roan Pemberton
Year 10

Joshua Akinboro

Meraya Gunaskera
Year 9 Charlotte Pryer Oisin Chatfield
Year 8

Marian Magboo

Thomas Spreckley
Year 7

Suzanne Adaramola

Ryan McEleney