We are committed to keeping our pupils and students safe. 

The DSL is Jo Scouller -  Deputy DSLs are Hayley Hewitson, and Julie Broom  These, and other DSPs in the Safeguarding Team, are shown below, and individual email addresses are below the pictures.  

The Safeguarding Team has a group email which may be useful for parents, students and professionals to use to ensure that communications are picked up by someone in the team. Professionals, please note that the DSP group email must NOT be used on HertsFX.  Professionals needing to send something securely outside of term time and unsure how to make contact, please email in the first instance, and you can then be advised which email address to use on HertsFX.

Dsp poster for website

Miss J Scouller (Lead)  
Mr D Carrasco-Morley  
Mrs R Davies  
Miss L Hunter  
Miss A Fernandes


Mr L Medina  
Miss H Doran  
Mr J Hewitson  
Mrs J Broom  
Mrs W Howard  
Mrs S Ince  
Mr S Miles  
Miss Moles  

These members of staff have received additional training beyond the safeguarding training given to all staff at our school. 

Our Safeguarding policies and linked documents

Advice for pupils about staying safe online

How a pupil can report a problem anonymously

Where to find help in relation to health and wellbeing

Where to look for outside help for you, your child, or your   family using the Families First Directory

Online Safety - support for parents