Alumni Virtual Careers Event

Anna Morrison - Entrepreneur Amazing Apprenticeships Ben Ryan - Silver Smith Chloe Hutton - KPMG to Secondary School Teaching
Claire De'ath - Biological Research Daniel Barcroft - Civil Service Dermott Collon - Preperation for University
Ed Hawkins - What to do if you have no idea Elena Mai - Chartered Surveyor Eleanor Squires - Nursing to Senior Lecturer
Ethan Pooley - Pharmacy Lister Hospital Miguel Trenkel Lopez - Mechanical Engineering Georgina Thompson - Clinical Psychology
Harri Mardlin - Director Life Box Theatre  Luke Andrews - Investment Consultant Schroders Maddie McConnell Smith - The Conservatoire Pathway
Maria Cannatella - Trainee Solicitor Maria Rizzo - New Business & Development Executive  Niamh Vianna - Airline Pilot
Rosie Jones - Physiotherapist Jamie Clarke - Sales & Alternatives to University  

We very much hope you enjoyed this event. Many thanks to our Alumni for giving up their time to offer advice and guidance to our current pupils and students.

Please click on the link below to offer feedback and for further interaction.

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